Our Vision

We are not here to maintain the status-quo. We will prepare you and your teams for today’s ambiguity, uncertainty and constant changes! Think of The UnleashPeople as the safety net for your People & Culture organization and your company's future!

Our Values

Impactful Sustainability - Creating Impact, Sustainable Development

Committed to making a positive impact, we integrate sustainable development practices into everything we do. Our focus is on creating lasting value while being mindful of our environmental and social impact. We don’t want to be your "next interim manager" maintaining the status quo or come in with predefined models that don’t fit your organization; instead, we aim to unleash your existing People & Culture team and help with a potential and sustainable ramp-up.

Tailored Excellence - Tailored Solutions You Really Need

We understand that one size doesn't fit all. Our commitment is to provide tailored solutions that precisely meet your unique needs. This bespoke approach ensures excellence and meaningful outcomes for our clients and partners. We want to help you avoid common mistakes, guiding you towards a successful and sustainable journey.

Open Empowerment - Transparency, Honesty, Open Communication

We foster an environment of openness, where transparency and honest communication are the foundations. Embracing open dialogue, we support the growth of every individual and nurture a culture of shared success. We want to enable you for the next step of your company, ensuring early-stage organizations grow successfully and sustainably and already established mid-sized companies are prepared for the challenges of the dynamic market.


We have Passion for Impact - Ina

Professional Experience

15 years experience from seed funding to major corporations like Amazon and Siemens.

Working Style

  • Passionate about making a lasting impact on projects and people
  • Results-driven with a people-centric focus
  • Tackle challenges with a "hard on facts - soft on people" approach
  • Dedicated to building a culture of trust within teams and organizations

Hot Topics

  • Resource Strengthening - Optimize existing resources effectively
  • Solution Development - Craft simple, comprehensive P&C solutions
  • Culture Development - Build a tangible Company Culture beyond presentations

Key Achievements

  • ‍Accompanied company growth from <100 to >600 people
  • Successfully implemented HRI Systems, Values, Career Development Frameworks, Leveling, and C&B strategy
  • Increased engagement significantly in multiple companies
  • Accomplished more than 10 M&A projects
  • Scaling P&C teams from 1 to 30+ people in various organisations
Ina Fassbender | P&C Expert

We have Passion for Results - Christian

Professional Experience

15 years experience spanning seed funding to mid-sized companies and consultancies.

Working Style

  • Create high impact with smart changes - I don’t change just for the sake of changing
  • Results-driven with a people-centric focus
  • Tackle challenges with a "hard on facts - soft on people" approach
  • Dedicated to building a culture of trust within teams and organizations

Hot Topics

  • Data-Driven Recruiting - Swift adaptation to data-driven recruitment strategies
  • Hypergrowth - Managing talent needs during rapid organizational expansion
  • Employer Branding - Specialized focus on building and enhancing Employer Brand

Key Achievements

  • Restructuring of all TA processes and continuous optimization at three different companies
  • Development and implementation of a scalable EVP
  • Selection and implementation of one ATS and two HRIS
  • Successful scale-up of a TA team from two to 10 colleagues and hiring >300 employees in parallel
  • Development and implementation of salary ranges, title structures and levels
  • Introduction of a workforce/hiring planning process
Christan Wastlhuber | TA Expert
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